Master Piper

TG4 – the national Irish language public service broadcaster – has this month aired a new programme about Liam O’Flynn, probably the greatest exponent of the uilleann pipes in modern times. Liam was born in 1945 and died two years ago (March 2018). He is greatly missed, not only in the world of traditional music, but also in the whole genre of Irish culture. This 90 minute programme is a superbly crafted documentary and manages to put across the breadth of this unassuming man’s commitment to his own artistry as well as his place at the very centre of Irish traditional music. We commend all musicians, and all interested in Ireland’s intellectual heritage to watch it. It’s currently available (in Ireland) on the RTE player by following this link:

The programme is only likely to be on the RTE player for a limited time: don’t miss it!

Our sister site Roaringwater Journal has published two posts which feature Liam O’Flynn and record our own memories of him:

Piper to the End

Man of Music

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